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Flat Ceiling, Triple Discs, Dimmable, IP20

Flat Ceiling, Triple Discs, Dimmable, IP20

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What’s so special about this light …

Sophisticated ceiling light with a zen triple disc asymmetric arrangement. Minimal in its detailing and maximised for light functionality. The black cup on the bottom uplights the main white disc casting light downwards as well as upwards and the secondary discs create a useful and beautiful halo of indirect light onto the ceiling. The striking, strong black stems and arms further minimises the discs, distracting your eye. Designed by Ichiro Iwasaki.

Choose between 2 sizes, 2 finishes - all white or white with a green and grey disc.

The Flat ceiling lights, with LED sources, are made from metallic planes placed at an optimal height for light distribution. The surfaces of these planes shield the light source, projecting an enveloping luminance that appears to come from its interior. Delicate yet strikingly graphic, a light that appears to be floating overhead.

Worth Noting

  • The bottom of the shade is illuminated as well as the ceiling but only for the main lighting disc (with the black cup)
  • The discs have different diameters and are set at different heights
  • The secondary discs have light as well - indirect upwards light
  • Single electrical cable feed
  • Consider the entire layout and scale when determining the electrical point
  • Indirect lighting
  • Glare free
  • Ceiling finish will impact light output
  • Integral LED
  • Choice of 2700K or 3500K
  • Dimmable: 1-10v/Push Dim; DALI [the large is available with Casambi dim]
  • Lumens will lessen as they leave the light source
  • No exact thumbnails of each finish in each size, pls measure on site
  • HEAVY LIGHT FITTING - 15 kg [small] & 20 kg [large]


  • Small: 101 cm L x 88 W x 30 H / Discs: 55 ø, 40 ø & 30 ø - Cap: 11 cm ø
  • Large: 178 cm L x 149 W x 36 H / Discs: 90 ø, 70 ø & 55 ø - Cap: 20 cm ø


  • Small: 15,38 kg
  • Large: 19,98 kg

IP Rating

  • IP20


  • LED
  • Small: 13.5W x4 = 54W / 2700K [5906 lm] or 3500K [6344 lm]
  • Large: 25W x4 = 100W / 2700K [13920 lm] or 3500K [14951 lm]


  • White Finished Aluminium or Combination of White, Grey and Green
  • Black Hardware


      • Dimming: 1-10v / Push Dim / DALI-2 
      • The large version has Casambi dimming as an option, upon request (upcharge)
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