Perhaps one of the most difficult to plan for, staircases always seem to be changing throughout the project - a bit like the ones in Hogwarts! But if you know what kind of style you want, you can carve out a bit of a budget and select a few lights you like the look of ahead of time. A beautiful way to light staircases is with a long pendant or chandelier and either step lights or wall lights. You can use both step lights and wall lights if they're staggered, like step lights on the treads and a beautiful wall light to greet you at the half landing. When considering wall lights, please think about how they look from the side, top and bottom as well as how far they project - should probably be around 10 cm or less. Lighting staircases is a bit of an art form, and takes consideration but will be gorgeous when done thoughtfully.

Top Tip: You can choose the look of your staircase lights without deciding final quantities or positions. This will help you get a rough idea about costs as well as assist your building team prepare for the installation prior to ordering.