Bollard lighting (used largely for driveways and walkways but can also light terraces and lawns) can be challenging, given the different surface materials, wiring, control, costs and light output but there is no doubt that it is highly useful - not just for cars & walking but also visual comfort and sense of security. There are bollards that are mounted into the drive itself, offering points of light for navigation or beams of light spilling across the drive surface. There are bollards which can either light just the drive or the greenery (or rockery) behind them. If you have a wall on one side of your drive, you could use wall mounted lights instead of bollards. Each application is unique and takes some thought and discussion.

Top Tip: When lighting driveways, think about if you want the light to give a lot or a little light, whether there's enough light to see the driver inside the car or just as a point of light to avoid driving over shrubs.