Outdoor pendants are a brilliant way to truly embrace your outdoor space. They're not just for front doors anymore (though that's a classic move and if you have the room, I highly recommend a pendant over your front door). Outdoor pendants create a sense of belonging, of beauty and joy. A pendant when hung outside says 'We want you here, come gather under my light'. There are many different types of outdoor pendants - this type of lighting is expanding at a rapid rate to meet demand. More and more people want to sit outside with loved ones and a pendant provides emotional shelter. Plus they're nice to look at when you're indoors looking out at your garden at night. They're great over tables but work just as well over a less formal seating area, outdoor kitchens and just hanging randomly from a tree. 

Top Tip: Consider if the area you want to light is subject to high winds and choose your pendant accordingly. 

Top Tip 2: Accept that your pendant will age - the outdoors literally weathers things, doesn't it?