Hallway wall lights are a brilliant way to light a corridor. They not only provide a guide from one place to another, but they also add personality to an otherwise fairly functional space. Spacing them depends on both the layout and the light fitting, as well as the beam spread. Hallways with lower ceilings benefit from downwards light or lights that provide a general glow. Hallways with high ceilings do well with up/down light and hallways with medium height ceilings can use up lighting to reflect indirect lighting back down into the space, without being too confronting. 

Top Tip: Choose wall lights that are easy to keep clean, not too expensive (you'll need a few to get the job done) and importantly, don't stick out too much - try to keep to 10 cm (4") projection or less. Oh, one more thing - you often view this light from the side, so consider how the profile looks.