Electrician or Lighting Guru Ltd?

Ask yourself - and your electrician - these questions before deciding where you get your lighting.

Questions: Electricians  Lighting Guru Ltd
Are you a lighting designer? YES
Are you a lighting consultant? YES
Do you produce lighting plans? YES
Do you have a portfolio? YES
Do you have testimonials? YES
Do you have a website? YES
Do you sell lights on your website? YES
Are your prices clear? YES
Are you invoices itemised? YES
Do your invoices include images of the products you are selling? YES
Do you offer price matching? YES
Are your terms and conditions clear and available online? YES
Do you recommend lights even if you don't sell them? YES
Do you help find the right bulbs, even if you don't sell them? YES
Do you offer a wide range of brands? YES
Do you sell high quality designer lighting? YES
Do you enjoy shopping - scouring for the best option? YES
Do you love selling lights? YES
Do you have decades of experience in this sector? YES
Do you have customer service experience? YES
Do you have lighting showroom experience? YES
Have you been to lighting trade shows? YES
Have you been flown out by manufacturers to visit their factories? YES
Have you been published in lighting magazines? YES
Do you have google reviews? YES
Do you have a lighting FB page? YES
Are you on LinkdIn as a lighting professional? YES
Do you have lighting Pinterest Boards? YES
Do you ask the clients what they want before doing a lighting plan? YES
Do you design the lighting around the furniture layout/architectural details? YES
Do you ask about interior details that impact lighting, such as wall colours and where mirrors hang? YES
Are you flexible when the client changes their mind? YES
Do you admit when you're wrong? YES
Do you liaise with A/V on lighting moods and control? YES
Do you think there's a difference between electricians and lighting specialists? YES
Is your hourly rate £24 including VAT? YES
Are you an electrician?  NO


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