Bathroom wall lights are a classic way to add a useful layer of light in bathrooms. There is nothing more flattering than lighting from a forward facing source. Think about taking a picture with the sun facing you versus behind you. The more the light is behind or above you, the less flattering it is. And when you're looking into a mirror, flattering light can make the difference between feeling great or feeling rubbish. If you get the light from both sides of the mirror around head height, brilliant. You'll be bathed in even lighting. Occasionally, depending on the light, it's okay when the light comes from one side and not the other, like in a powder room - when a bit of mystery is appreciated. But even lighting is key for good vanity lighting. The wall lights I've included here are (mostly) IP44, which means they're rated for use near water (but not in water - keep 60 cm away from water).

Top Tip: Match your wall lights, and their finish - to your style - this is when looks matter!