Kitchen island pendants are the jewels of your kitchen. We know how incredible it is to have the kitchen of your dreams and the right pendants are part and parcel of that pleasure. They don't have to be expensive - what they do have to be is personal and well thought out. There is some basic criteria to kitchen island pendants, such as glare-free lighting and easy to keep clean but that being said, there are so many different options! There are small pendants you can hang in a row, there are big pendants that do the job with one or two lights, adjustable pendants you move around, there are linear pendants - both minimal and fancy - to span across your island. There are glass, metal, wood and ceramic pendants. The sky is the limit!

Top Tip: Consider the type of surface you're lighting - if it's reflective, like marble, then try to get pendants with covered bottoms so you don't see light bulbs reflected back at you. Height-wise, a good rule of thumb is 36" but depends on the actual pendant and ceiling height.