Bathroom ceiling lights are a lovely way to light a your bathroom. A bathroom is usually a smaller room, so the chances are you don't need a large ceiling light. This gives you more choice (good ceiling lights are notoriously difficult to source/find). There are some basic things to consider when looking at ceiling lights for bathrooms. How does it look from the bottom? Even if you don't have a tub, the chance are that you will be looking up into this light at some point, it should look good from the bottom - not shine a bulb in your eyes. The lights I've included in this collection are IP44 (mostly), which means that they are rated for wet rooms (but not direct contact with water so not for use in showers though I do have some IP65 versions which are okay to use inside of showers). 

Top Tip: Consider matching the finish on the light to the finish in your bathroom, ei: chrome with chrome, black with black, etc. Remember, it's a small space - details are amplified. Many of my lights come in different finishes. Not sure? Just call me, I'll find the right one for you :)