I want to get your lighting right

If you're building a house (or an extension / remodel) sorting out your lighting can be overwhelming: how it looks, where it should go, how much you need, what's the right size, how will it perform, how bright it should be, can you clean it, does it all work together, how do you control & install it and how much it will cost. That's a lot to think about. Not to worry though, I can help you figure it out.

My name is Autumn Morrison, I'm an independent residential lighting consultant and lighting reseller of quality lights based in Cheshire, UK.

I have loved helping people find the right lighting solutions since the 1990's. It's such a buzz when I'm able to be of value in this one small but important area of people's lives. 

Lighting is incredibly personal. That's one of the things I love about it. The story changes with each new customer. Adapting to your personal needs is a crucial element to getting the lighting right for you specifically. Each customer brings an element of education that I am grateful for. And in turn, I bring experience, care and dedication. 

It's important that the right questions are asked, flagged, to avoid mistakes, headaches and stress. Questions are the most important stepping stones to the right answer. Research is critical, both in terms of what's required and what will work. This focus on customer need combined with product research has lead to an enormous treasure of experience, and also humility. 

I want you to be happy that you've dealt with me, and that I've been of value to you in the process of enjoying your home. I want you to be proud to recommend me to other people who would like help with their lighting.

It is what I live - and work - for. To be of service, of value and ultimately, a facilitator of light.


I, Autumn Morrison, would love to help you with your lighting.

Independent lighting consultant and lighting sales exclusively for homes.

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