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Z: Panzeri Canopy, Black, 9 Units, Radial [M91/94/9702]

Z: Panzeri Canopy, Black, 9 Units, Radial [M91/94/9702]

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Radial canopy in matte black. By passing the cables of the single lights through the holes on the side and centre of the canopy, it is possible to decentralise the suspension point of the lights starting from a ceiling or wall light point. It is, therefore, possible to manage the length of each single cable by fastening the cable to the ceiling in the desired point by using small transparent polycarbonate ceiling anchors (Radial Swag Hook, to be ordered separately).

For use with up to 9 lighting units. Mains voltage.

Triac Dimmable.


  • 21 cm ø x 4 H [excluding nipple]


  • Black

Good to note:

  • Max 9 units
  • Includes central fixing point
  • Triac Dimmable
  • Radial hooks not included, sold separately 
  • You don't have to use the maximum amount of light fittings
  • You can mix and match light fitting finishes


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