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Z: DCW Editions, Tube 360 Water-Tight Driver Container Box

Z: DCW Editions, Tube 360 Water-Tight Driver Container Box

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Optional water-tight or decorative storage box for the power supply/driver. It's an empty box, the power supply is included with the light. This is a cover for the power supply. It comes in 2 sizes and 1 finish. 1 unit per light.


  • Small: 150 mm L x 35 H x 60 W 
  • Large: 240 mm L x 43 H x 68 W

Available finishes:

  • Steel or Aluminium - not sure what the material is


  • Match the size to the right power supplies:
    • Small: Compatible with 400 and 700
    • Large: Compatible with 400 to 1600
  • The image with the light is the Tube light that takes light bulbs, not the LED version
  • Empty water-tight box for storing the power supply
  • For surface mounting
  • Use if not recessing the power supply behind the surface
  • Can store extra cable as well as the power supply
  • Must be used if using the light in wet areas, like bathrooms and outside usage (and not recessing the power supply)
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