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Tube 360 Wall, 42 cm, White with Gold, LED, Triac Dim, IP65

Tube 360 Wall, 42 cm, White with Gold, LED, Triac Dim, IP65

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What’s so special about this light …

A beautiful cross over between classic and modern linear IP65 wall light with all around LED lighting - it even illuminates the wall behind it. The light seems to float off the wall, secured in place by very slim yet stable stainless steel collar-brackets. The clear borosilicate tube protects the linear LED light source within. Black silicone caps at the ends keep it water tight (and cool looking). When switched off, it looks like a piece of architecture. When switched on, it glows with warm, ambient light.

Robust enough for outdoor wall lights - pretty enough for the most delicate of interior rooms. 

LED Lamping, 2700K, 6W, 600 Lumens, Hardwired, Triac Dim. IP65.

From the manufacturers:

In the Tube 360° (ITT 360°). The light source (LED on aluminium profile) renders 360° on 100 % on the tube’s length. ITT 360° can be used:
- without or with mesh silver or gold
- with FLAPS to orientate the light (available only for models ITT 60-1000 and ITT 360-1600). Flaps pivot 360° (horizontal and vertical). IP64, it can be installed indoor, in a bathroom, or outdoor.

Worth Noting

  • Can be mounted vertically or horizontally
  • LED power supply included
  • LED power supply requires remote access OR order the optional surface mounted power supply box - sold separately
  • Or you can order a plastered-in trap door that allows driver access upon request
  • The optional surface mounted power supply box is mandatory in wet-rated areas
  • The surface mounted power supply box can be mounted at the top or the bottom of the light - even hidden behind the light in the gap between the light and the wall
  • The surface mounted power supply box is a high quality piece of kit
  • The surface mounted power supply box will not fit a DALI driver
  • Requires assembly - with gloves, included
  • All around light beam
  • LED Lamping - Replaceable 
  • 2700K
  • 600 Lumens [the data sheet states 180 lumens, significantly less - tbc]
  • Soft-ish light
  • Lumens lessen as they travel through the diffuser
  • Triac Dimmable
  • DALI upon request - but must be remoted
  • Hardwired - Requires wall switch
  • IP65 (the price list & data sheet states IP65, the description states IP64)


  • 420 mm L x 85 ø x 78 P
  • Brackets: 25 mm 
  • Power Supply: 40 mm W x 23 H x 48 L


  • 1,6 kg

IP Rating

  • IP65


  • LED - Replaceable
  • 2700K
  • 6W
  • 600 Lumens *tbc - could be 180 lumens
  • 350mA
  • 220/240v
  • Triac Dimmable - DALI upon request


  • Gold Mesh
  • Clear Borosilicate Glass
  • White LED Tube
  • Stainless Steel and Aluminium Hardware
  • Black Silicone Caps
  • Black Rubber Cable


  • Triac Dimmable
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