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Tidal Ceiling, White, LED, Triac Dim, IP20

Tidal Ceiling, White, LED, Triac Dim, IP20

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What’s so special about this light …

Powerful yet discreet modern LED ceiling light. The die-cast aluminium body projects light up and down at the same time. The ring discreetly hides all the technical elements inside the design, enhancing the object’s aesthetic value. The light source emits a glow that can illuminate an entire room, its output is 4680 lumens for both the 2700 K and 3000 K versions.

Tidal is a ring-shaped ceiling lamp that evokes the motion of the tide and celestial bodies. Its fluid and oval design mimics wave movements and tidal changes, with one side wider than the other, appearing differently to the viewer depending on their position under the lamp.

Measuring 60 cm, Tidal is available in three matte finishes: white, suited to minimalist interiors, and terra and champagne, which offer a more decorative touch for embellishing spaces with their warm and elegant tones.

Saves you money & time - no need to buy multiple downlights + greatly reduced installation labour (and it looks amazing).

Worth Noting

  • LED Lamping
  • Lights the ceiling as well as the space below :)
    • 75% downwards light emission
    • 25% upwards light emission
  • Powerful, bright, dimmable light
  • Easy dimming - Triac
  • Made of Metal
  • Position of the power supply feed is not central (cause the centre is open)
  • Asymmetrical ring, consider which side you want the wider side to face when installing


  • Body: 60 cm ø x 6.1 cm H
  • Inner Circle: 44.7 cm ø


  • 3.50kg

IP Rating

  • IP20


  • LED:
    • 34W
    • 220 / 240v
    • 700mA
    • 2700K
      • 6840lm 
    • 3000K
      • 6860lm


  • White


  • Triac Dim
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