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Starlight Pendant, Olive Glass, Triple, GU10, IP20

Starlight Pendant, Olive Glass, Triple, GU10, IP20

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What’s so special about this light …

Modern olive (green/amber) glass pendants in three different shapes hung from three linear arms that you can swivel around to customise the position to suit your style and needs. The individual pendants have a solid black interior body, with the glass shade slipped over the top to create a sense of depth and artistry. The glass then floats away from the form where the light source meets the glass, adding lightness and elegance. The coloured glass adds another level of beauty and uniqueness while maintaining sophistication and style. Brilliant for kitchen islands an dining tables. You can hang the cable for the pendants as you please, with a large swag or fairly tight to the frame. The larger swag makes it look effortless, confident and casual. The tighter the cables, the more minimalist the overall look - completely up to you!

Easy lamping (GU10 bulbs, not included) and easy dimming.

The Star light are produced with very traditional bohemian hand-blowing technology. It is handblown to wooden moulds. The moulds are produced by hand as well, from hard and wet wood. The glass masters use a glass blowing pipe as a basic instrument, gathering several layers of glass in various colours as well as mouth blowing and then shaping with hand tools which prepares the shape closely matching the moulds shape. In the final stage, the glass masters put the pre-shaped hot glass into the mould and finish the piece to the final shape, giving the exact form of the mould. After the “hotshop” production phase the glass shades are finished in the cutting shop, where additional parts are cut out and the surface is polished to a high gloss. This production process is a testimony to the extraordinary skills of glass masters, who are passing their experience from generation to generation. 

Worth Noting

  • Maximum bulb length: 58 mm Long (so it doesn't stick out)
  • Cluster includes all 3 shapes
  • You can decide the length and arrangement of each pendant
  • The cables loop through a hole in the arms, the cables are part of the design
  • You can open the arms like a deck of cards, in a fan-like way
  • The glass may look greenish if using a warm white bulb
  • The wall colour will influence the perceived colour of the glass
  • Each piece is handcrafted glass - expect variations
  • Open on the bottom
  • Uses GU10 bulbs, not included
  • (buying the triple cluster is a cost savings compared to buying all three individually)


  • Canopy Frame: 730 mm L x 385 W / Canopy Base: 120 mm ø
  • Cylinder Shape: 100 mm ø x 270 H
  • Cone Shape: 135 mm ø x 130 H
  • Round Shape: 210 mm ø x 170 H

IP Rating

  • IP20


  • GU10 x3
  • Maximum bulb length: 58 mm 
  • Not Included


  • Translucent Olive (Green/Amber) Handblown Glass
  • Hardware: Black


    • Dimmable - Triac Dim
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