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Plume Adjustable Wall, White Shade with Black Base, E27, Plug In, IP20

Plume Adjustable Wall, White Shade with Black Base, E27, Plug In, IP20

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Shade Material

What’s so special about this light …

Beautiful unusual wall light with a wide, horizontal shade, like the wing of a bird, spreading a generous beam of light in its wake. You can rotate the shade 360º, very useful when you want to direct the light sideways. The plug allows for easy installation when you haven't got a cable where you want a light, whether besides the sofa, in a reading nook or bedside (as it was originally designed for).

The simple shape is sublime and the design is very clever. Most wall lights stick on or reach up the wall, but this one gently reaches out, without being obtrusive, thanks to the gentle curve of the shade and snug base. Furthermore, the shade choice is brilliant - choose polycarbonate for robust usage (and very well priced) or opt for the elegance of porcelain, a natural material that glows softly when lit.

E27 Lamping - Not Included, Plug In, On/Off via Switch on the Cord. Adjustable 360º (tbc).

Choice of shade: Porcelain or Polycarbonate.

From the manufacturers:

We called it PLUME for its delicate design, soft lines, and the tenderness of the lighting. The conical lampshade is finely sculpted. Made of porcelain -or polycarbonate, the lampshade provides a very warm light, with the quality of noble material that crosses the ages. "The right balance between a turned-up nose and the solidity of an aluminum base."

Aluminum base, with or without switch, with or without cable.

Originally designed as a headboard, PLUME can also be used to dress your worktops.

Worth Noting

  • Plugs into a floor socket and then fixed to the wall via screws
  • The shade is adjustable 360º (tbc - not sure if this version is adjustable)
  • Choice of shade material: Polycarbonate or Porcelain
  • Porcelain is more expensive and less ambient light
  • E27 lamping
  • Bulb not included
  • The bulb is on show, part of the design
  • Recommend a white bulb to blend with the shade
  • On/Off via switch on the cord
  • Plug In


  • Shade: 251 mm W
  • OAL: 300 mm L x 130 H
  • Base: 97 mm ø
  • Cable: 2.2m [300 mm to the switch]
  • Switch: 20 mm W x 60 H 


  • Polycarbonate: 0,37 kg
  • Porcelain: 0,55 kg

IP Rating

  • IP20


  • Bulb
  • E27 x1
  • 10W
  • 220/240v
  • On/Off via Switch on Cord
  • Bulb not included
  • Recommend Frosted/White Bulb


  • White Shade in Choice of:
    • Polycarbonate
    • Porcelain
  • Black Aluminium Base
  • Black Fabric Cable


  • On/Off via Switch on Cable
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