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Pipe Floor Lamp, LED, Touch Dim, IP20

Pipe Floor Lamp, LED, Touch Dim, IP20

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What’s so special about this light …

Bendable floor lamp that will blow people's minds - a completely unique and memorable design, inventive mix of materials and massive amounts of light output. LED lamping. Dim with a convenient, silicon covered switch within the body. Excellent flexibility. 

From the Manufacturer:
Steel base “soft touch” effect painted; stem covered by a natural platinic silicone sheath (anti-yellowing); diffuser in transparent polycarbonate with rubber-effect coat; transparent lens; internal reflector made of specular aluminium with random perforations.The new internal diffuser is reinterpreting the old fluorescent lamp using a modern LED source, this guarantees the same optical performance with less power consumption and a better quality of light.

LED lamping, 2700K, 2607 Lumens, Dimmable via Push Dim (requires extra cable at first fix).

Worth Noting 

  • Comes in 1 size
  • Made of aluminium, silicon and steel with a black base
  • Has particular bends that are acceptable and others won't work, pls see drawing - for instance, if using in a loop, you must maintain a minimum of a 20º radius 
  • Do not twist the body (not the same thing as bending, which is fine)
  • When bending, grab hold of the body just above the thumbswitch with one hand and bend with the other hand
  • The arm is covered in silicon which is yellow resistant but it is silicon! 
  • The thumbswitch is covered in silicon
  • Needs constant power to use the thumbswitch
  • If turned off at the thumbswitch, it won't be turned back on from the wall switch
  • Provides direct lighting
  • LED lamping, integral
  • 2700K
  • Dimmable via Thumbswitch (770 mm High from the ground)


  • 2186 mm L x 210 ø
  • Base: 300 mm ø x 140 H
  • Rigid Bottom Half: 1250 mm H
  • Top Bendable Half: 640 mm H
  • Thumbswitch Location: 770 mm H


  • ??

    IP Rating

    • IP20


    • LED, Integral
    • 2700K
    • 24.2W
    • 2607 Lumens


    • White painted steel structure, covered with a natural anti-yellowing silicone case; wall attachment and diffuser in transparent rubber-effect painted polycarbonate; mirror aluminium reflector with random perforations
    • Base: Black


    • Dimmable via Thumbswitch (will not dim from a wall switch)
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