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Pin-Up Wall, Coppery Bronze, LED, Triac Dim, IP20

Pin-Up Wall, Coppery Bronze, LED, Triac Dim, IP20

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What’s so special about this light …

Modern yet timeless LED wall light with highly versatile applications, such as hallways lights, living room light, staircase lights and even bedside lights. The way this light bends the light beam is sublime. Not to mention, you can open and close the shade to reveal or hide more light as needed. You can even spin the light around to point it in different directions after installation.

Pin-Up is available with warmer (2700 K) or colder light (3000 K). The PCB used is an 9W LED with a colour rendering index (CRI) of 92 which offers true colour reproduction. The light is diffused through a convex glass lens which prevents the glare of direct light. With its elegant simplicity, Pin-Up is perfect for use as an instant bedside reading light, ideal as a light source on a staircase or in a corridor and versatile enough to light up the wall in a living room.

Simple elegance which encloses the light like a shell with its pearl. Designed by Andrea Tosetto, Pin-Up is an elegant compact light fixture which surprises with the different light effects projected on the wall or ceiling. It has a steel structure consisting of a part fixed to the wall and a mobile part with a glass lens which contains a dimmable LED. When closed, Pin-Up emanates a soft and delicate light; when the upper part is tilted up to 90° and the structure rotated up to 355°, it creates plays of light which vary in intensity. Its excellent flexibility and three finishes, in matte white, coppery bronze and matte black, allows it to fit perfectly into a variety of settings.

Worth Noting

  • Requires a recessed cavity in the wall to house the transformer (included)
  • Adjustable shade (open or close)
  • Adjustable direction (spin up or down - or at an angle if you're feeling frisky)
  • Opens 90º and Rotates 355º
  • Dimmable light
  • Easy dimming - Triac
  • Made of metal with a beautiful glass lens
  • Sharp beam of oblong light (doesn't provide generalised lighting, rather, it gives a clearly defined path of light)


  • 15.5 cm H x 10 cm W x min 8 cm - max 13.5 cm P


  • 1.15kg

IP Rating

  • IP20


  • LED:
    • 8W
    • 2700K
      • 920lm 
    • 3000K
      • 980lm


  • Coppery Bronze


  • Triac Dim
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