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Parga Pendant, Granite, LED, Phase Cut Dim, IP20

Parga Pendant, Granite, LED, Phase Cut Dim, IP20

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What’s so special about this light …

Who knew discarded granite could be so beautiful. Smooth and sophisticated, this pendant is made of discarded granite pieces, making it resourceful and eco-friendly, as well as cool, graphic and modern. Glare-free dimmable LED lamping. Absolutely perfect for natural, minimal-styled kitchens and bedrooms.

Stone and light, two opposing elements that Parga unites in the search for an almost fictional image. The energy contained within a mineral seeks to be released and radiate out in an intense beam of direct light. Parga is a collection that goes back to using granite for functional and decorative in indoor spaces, taking advantage of its neutral colour palette and natural texture.

This lamp is made from three pieces of different heights and diameters, each with a formal language reminiscent of the most primitive and rudimentary stone carvings.

The material used is discarded pieces of granite mined from Galician quarries, making for a more sustainable use of materials. The granite forming Parga is compact, light grey in colour and uniform with specks of black and fine grain.

Worth Noting

  • Made of Granite
  • Available in 3 shapes (all the same price)
  • The higher you hang it, the wider the beam of light will be
  • LED Lamping
  • Phase Cut Dim


  • Short: 12 cm ø x 18 H
  • Medium: 10 cm ø x 24 H
  • Tall: 8 cm L x 30 H 
    • Cable: 150 cm L


  • Short: 2 kg
  • Medium: 2.2 kg
  • Tall: 2.6 kg

      IP Rating

      • IP20


      • LED
      • 2700K (3000K upon request)
      • 8W
      • 960 Lumens


      • Granite - Light Grey with Specks of Black and Grain
      • Matte Black Hardware
      • Black Cable


          • Phase Cut Dim
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