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OLight Pendant, 150 cm, Black, LED, On/Off, IP67

OLight Pendant, 150 cm, Black, LED, On/Off, IP67

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What’s so special about this light …

Large circular outdoor (or indoor) 150 cm ø pendant with a striking, simple black ring shape that has glare-free LED hidden inside the ring, glowing inwards as well as reflecting beautiful light onto the area around it. Beautiful when used to illuminate trees, creates an incredible, unexpected focal point.

“O” is an essential element that, when switched off, frames nature and suggests perspectives, an unobtrusive object in space that does not alter environmental balances. Its controlled and comfortable light emission can be adjusted with sensors and with the Artemide App to ensure focused operation, thus preventing waste and respecting the circadian cycles of all animal and plant species. 

Introduced in 2018 both floor and suspended outdoor versions, it is a perfect lighting also for indoor use thanks to a cabled option that allows easy relocation. Also in this case the IP degree of protection is still suitable for outdoor use. Its lightness is not just formal: its thin aluminium profile is an element of its own, which can be moved wherever necessary, allowing multiple uses, and creating a pleasant ambiance anywhere with its soft, non-glaring light. “O” is developed in the original 90-cm diameter version, as well as in a smaller, 45-cm and bigger 150-cm versions featuring all the characteristics of the original one. “O” is thus a comprehensive family of elements creating dynamic lightscapes.

Worth Noting

  • Hardwired
  • The canopy is not centralised - need to consider mounting point at 1st fix
  • Integral LED
  • 3000K Only
  • Control: On/Off


  • 1500 mm ø x 40 W x max 3800 OAH
  • Cable spacing: 630 mm from the edge of the canopy (not the centre)
  • Canopy: 240 mm ø x 45 H

    IP Rating

    • IP67


    • LED
    • 3000K
    • 65W
    • 3126 Lumens


    • Black Aluminium
      • White Silicone


        • On/Off (via wall switch)
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