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NL 12 Pendant, Linear, Horizontal, Frosted Glass Tubes, LED, 2200K, IP20

NL 12 Pendant, Linear, Horizontal, Frosted Glass Tubes, LED, 2200K, IP20

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What’s so special about this light …

Incredibly cool linear pendant. The tubes are made of borosilicate glass and you can slide them outwards for a staggered effect or line them up straight, the choice is yours. The LED light comes from within the centre of the light, completely hidden from view. The thin black metal hoops and tubing completely hide the cables, as if it is lit by magic. Rustic, sophisticated, timeless, beautiful.

LED lamping, 2200K, 4800 Lumens (tbc), 48W, Hardwired, Not Dimmable - Although Triac Dim upon request. 

From the manufacturers:

Between eloquent laconism and sophisticated brutalism, illuminated like an electro-constructivist Kraftwerk clip, the collaboration between DCW Éditions and Sebastian Summa has been expanded with a new ceiling benchmark : the magnificent NL12 suspension. Designed to illuminate a large dining room table, this light cleverly fitted with an eye-deceiving device, is composed of twelve borosilicate glass tubes. Only one of these tubes functions as a central unit and is a light source, the other tubes relaying its diffusion by refraction and prism. With no visible wire, no visible LEDs and no visible aluminium structure, the NL 12 evokes a celestial beam that is both radical and poetic. Wielding his aesthetic prowess, Sebastian Summa conceived, to hang it from the ceiling, a pair of brackets similar to gymnastics clamps designed to balance the bundle of tubes perfectly. This fixed piece of equipment adds a post-industrial athletic touch to the set and indicates an obviously artisanal tour de force.

Worth Noting

  • Borosilicate glass tubes are adjustable
  • The light source is inside the light, the tubes are not illuminated
  • Requires assembly - read the instructions prior to unpacking
  • Soft, diffused light, even though it has a decent amount of lumens
  • Lumens lessen as they travel through the diffuser
  • LED lamping
  • 2200K
    • Need to confirm the 2200K is available
  • Black Metal Tube Hardware
  • Borosilicate Glass Tubes
  • Triac Dim upon request
    • They mention fitting a triac driver in the body of the light - not sure what this looks like, if it effects the appearance
  • DALI upon request


  • 1300 mm L x 104 ø x 3975 OAH
  • Canopy: 435 mm L x 70 W x 42 H
  • Cable: 4.5 metres - not sure why the line drawing says 3975 long


  • 7,65 kg

IP Rating

  • IP20


  • LED
  • 2200K (need to confirm 2200K is available)
  • 48W
  • 4800 Lumens
  • 24v
  • On/Off
    • Triac Dim upon request


  • Frosted Borosilicate Tubes
  • Acrylic Light Source (inside the tubes)
  • Black Metal Tube Hardware
  • Black Canopy


  • On/Off - Triac Dim Upon Request (upcharge)
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