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Metro Surface Mounted Silicon LED Strip, 1-10v Dim or On/Off, IP44

Metro Surface Mounted Silicon LED Strip, 1-10v Dim or On/Off, IP44

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Power Supply

What's so special about this light ...

This unique, IP44 rated free-standing silicone covered surface mounted LED strip lighting solution can be mounted on interior walls and ceilings without need to recess into plasterwork. The covered strip is 6m long and is field-cuttable (The LED strip has 25 mm cut points). The LED light source, placed along the length of the interior of the strip and then covered with the silicone cover, evenly illuminates the room. An important characteristic, the joints on the ends of the lighting fixture make it possible for the strip to be arranged diagonally or even curved, thanks to a special accessory. IP44 rating means it can be used in bathrooms (but not outside).

There are different mounting options to allow for multiple fixing point solutions, as well as different power supply options.

Metro is a luminous graphic sign, a simple concept: a straight line, broken or diagonal, an essential metal band that enlivens different settings. Behind the project is the goal of efficiently responding to one of the most common problems when lighting both modern and traditional spaces: bringing light to large rooms characterised by high, exposed-beam, vaulted or painted ceilings, often without light points. Metro perfectly meets these needs and offers many other possibilities with visual impact that is minimal and elegant at the same time. Thanks to the joints on the wall attachments, the luminous strip can be applied straight, diagonally, or create a predetermined design and be easily arranged to direct light towards specific points.

    Worth Noting:

    • INCLUDES: 1 LED strip, 1 Stainless Steel Strip, 2 wall attachments, 1 power connector
    • REQUIRES: Power Supply, not included
    • Power Supply requires access or choose surface wall or floor power supply
    • The floor power supply is not fixed in place - the wall screws into the wall but stands proud
    • The free-standing power supply is significantly more expensive than the remote versions
    • The cable is visible from the wall brackets to the remote/recessed power supply
    • 25 mm Cut Points
    • LED tape must be spaced 25 mm away from the beginning of the wall attachment
    • Additional mounting accessories available upon request, such as ceiling mount
    • The further away from the surface, the wider the beam spread
    • Can be mounted across the ceiling or across the wall
    • Wall attachment adjusts 90º and rotates 360º
    • Available in 1 length - 6m
    • The strip can be cut to measure (25 mm cut points)
    • Complex dimming (1-10v dim - requires extra cables) or use as On/Off
    • LED lamping
    • 2700K or 3000K
    • Powerful light source
    • 1632 Lumens PER METRE
    • Lumens lessen as they travel through the silicone diffuser
    • Remote power supply requiring access - take into consideration when wiring - or opt for the surface mounted power supply which can be mounted on the floor (free standing) or screwed to the wall
    • Not sure if the 6m length, which has a non-dimmable power supply, can be used with the 12m power supply for dimming capacity, tbc
    • Not sure if the floor canopy has a plug and dimmer as shown in the image, tbc
    • Not sure if the surface mounted power supply can be mounted on the ceiling, tbc


    • Wall Attachments: 13 cm L x 7.5 ø [120 mm from wall to metal strip slip]
    • 6m: 6 metres or 626 cm L [including wall attachments]
    • 25 mm cut points
    • Surface Power Supply [wall or floor]: 40 cm L x 10 W x 5 H
    • Recessed Power Supply: 24.5 cm L x 7 W x 4 H


    • 6m: 1,5 kg (excluding silicone cover)


    • Integral LED
    • 24Vdc
    • 2700K or 3000K
    • 1632 Lumens PER METRE (lumens will lessen as they reflect off surfaces)
    • 6m: 116W / 9792 Lumens (will lessen as they travel through the diffuser)


    • Diffuser: White Silicone
    • Polished Stainless Steel
    • Canopy: Stainless Steel


      • 1-10v Dim (requires extra cable at 1st fix and special dimming modules)
      • On/Off
      • Foot Dimmer (tbc - does the petal switch dim it?)

      IP Rating:

      • IP44 (Discrepancy between the website, price list and data sheet, tbc)


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