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Logico Pendant, Linear, E27, IP20

Logico Pendant, Linear, E27, IP20

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What’s so special about this light …

Beautiful, fluid silk-screened glass pendant with three shades in a linear formation providing good ambient light.

The hand-made blown glass diffuser defines a soft, irregular volume, shaped by curves that generate a game of positives and negatives which make the geometric shape modular and allow the creation of standard compositions or configurations that are free to grow in space with larger custom compositions.

Available in 2 sizes and available as a triple linear or a triple cluster and a single pendant, as well as a wall light in various sizes and ceiling lights in various compositions.

The large (standard) is available in white silk screen glass or grey.

Uses E27 bulbs, not included.

Worth Noting 

  • Light grey hardware
  • Large-ish ceiling canopy
  • Lots of cables (to support the glass) which will each require height adjustment
  • Glass is semi-translucent and you may see the bulb when lit
  • Same goes for the lampholder (semi-visible)
  • Open on the bottom (lets more light out and easier to keep clean)
  • The large is heavy - 19,5 kg
  • Provides ambient light
  • The larger the shade, the more light you get
  • Bulbs not included
  • Easy dimming with dimmable bulbs (not included)
  • It is very difficult to say with any certainty which size is shown in which image - please measure on-site to be safe, do not rely on the images for scale
  • There are no images of the grey finish currently (it's new)


  • Medium [Mini]: 660 mm L x 280 W x 220 H x 2000 OAH
  • Large [Standard]: 100 mm L x 400 W x 310 H x 2000 OAH
  • Canopy: 180 mm ø


  • Medium [Mini]: 2,4 kg x3 = 7,2 kg
  • Large [Standard]: 6,5 kg x3 = 19,5 kg

    IP Rating

    • IP20


    • Bulb, not included
    • E27
    • x3


    • White Silk-Screen Handblown Glass
    • Grey Handblown Glass (large only)
    • Light Grey Hardware


        • Triac Dim with Dimmable Bulbs (not included)
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