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Light Glide Pendant, Adjustable, LED, IP40

Light Glide Pendant, Adjustable, LED, IP40

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What's so special about this light ...

Light Glide - the name can not be more explicit. At first glance, the impression is that of a linear suspension with a minimalist profile like many. Yet the body is composed of three profiles close to each other, which can be extended with a sophisticated sliding mechanism. The length can be modified to meet needs and can reach up to two meters. Beside the extendable version composed of three bars, Light Glide is also available with a single bar.

The diffusers on the upper and lower side are made of opaline white, prismatic PMMA and the permanently installed LEDs shine without glaring upwards and downwards. Ripple free lighting.

Light Glide is an outstanding lighting solution over kitchen islands and dining tables and combines the character of architectural and decorative illumination, called "happy minimalism" by the designer.

Light Glide appears first as a simple, no-frills product, yet surprises and appeals with its functionality.

Can be hung very snug to the ceiling, great for low ceilings.

Aluminium LED pendant in 2 finishes: white or black (custom colours upon request) and available in 2 versions - single bar or triple (adjustable) bars. 

    Worth Noting:

    • The triple bar version has a clever sliding mechanism 
    • Light shines upwards and downwards
    • The upwards light is softer than the downwards light
    • Powerful light output, and glare-free
    • Single bar is on/off only (not dimmable)
    • Triple bar has easy dimming (phase dim)
    • Phase dimming only dims down to 30% then turn it off
    • Triple bar offers DALI and Push Dim/1-10v Dimming upon request
    • DALI dimming allows you to control the up and down light separately
    • LED lamping
    • 3000K (4000K upon request)
    • Off-centre power supply - take into consideration when wiring


    • 1 Bar: 117.5 cm L x 3.8 W x 3.8 H
      • Canopy: 37.7 cm L x 2.4 H x 3.8 W
    • 3 Bars: min 117.5 - max 217 cm L x 11.4 W x 3.8 H
      • Canopy: 40.9 cm L x 4.5 H x 9.2 W
        • Cable: min 15 cm / max 400 cm OAH


    • Integral LED
    • 3000K (4K upon request)
    • 1 Bar: 53W / Downwards Light: 1969 lm - Upwards Light: 1336 Lumens
      • Voltage: 110v - 230v
    • 3 Bars: 149W / Downwards Light: 5909 lm - Upwards Light: 5909 Lumens
      • Phase Dim: 220v - 240v


    • White
    • Black


    • 1 Bar: 2.8 kg
    • 3 Bars: 7.7 kg


    • 3 Bar: Phase Dimmable 30% - 100%
      • 1-10v / Push Dim and DALI upon request
    • 1 Bar: On/Off - no dim

    IP Rating:

    • IP40


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