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Leda Pendant, Vertical, LED, 0-10v Dim, IP20

Leda Pendant, Vertical, LED, 0-10v Dim, IP20

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What’s so special about this light …

What a show-stopping light. The kind of light you see and don't easily forget. This vertical pendant is for the bold. It's sexy, elegant, edgy and remarkable. The LED light source is ensconced in flexible silicone, flanked by aluminium bars and spheres, like a necklace. Superb for high ceilings and narrow staircases. Let it pool on the floor for added devil-may-care.

Comes in a wide variety of styles (there's even outdoor versions) - choose between a bow shape with either 1, 2 or 3 strands, or opt for a show-stopping 6 light chandelier, swooping down and then back up to the ceiling again. The chandelier comes in another version, the likes of which I've never seen. One of the arms hangs loose, straight down, as if it's utterly unbothered with convention and rules. I'm also a big fan of the linear pendant, comprised of 3 strands hanging straight down, like a column of light, seeming rigid yet completely fluid. Go for it and let it pool at the bottom of the floor - relaxed sophistication. There's also a floor lamp and a looped pendant. 

Like precious jewels adorning a woman's neck, these modular and flexible light elements decorate the room. The lamps in this collection alternate between cylindrical bars and small spheres of anodised bronze or black aluminium, arranged like pearls in a ring on a wire supporting LEDs encased in a transparent, flexible silicone tube. Customisable to the space to be illuminated, Leda is a cohesive and decorative chain that surrounds a universal symbol and alludes to the charming idea of the circle as a symbol of elegance and beauty. Installable in any direction, Leda can be used indoors or outdoors (only certain versions) as a suspension, floor lamp or custom system to decorate and illuminate elegant rooms, porches, gardens and terraces. The small metal loop also allow for flexible layout and shape changes.

Worth Noting

  • Made of Silicone and Aluminium Hardware and Cable
  • LED Lamping
  • Complex dimming - 0-10v Dim, Requires extra cable 


  • EACH STRAND: Silicone Length: 100 cm L x 2.3 ø x 300 OAH 
    • Cable Length: 3m x2 (each side)

      IP Rating

      • IP20


      • LED
      • 3000K
      • 14.4W [each strand]
      • 922 Lumens [each strand]
      • 24v


      • White Silicone
      • Choices of Matte Black or Matte Bronze Hardware (same price)


          • 0-10v Dimming (requires extra cable - wire at 1st fix)
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