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Granito Bollard, Small, Rust, G12, IP65

Granito Bollard, Small, Rust, G12, IP65

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What’s so special about this light …

A square bollard ground light in a natural corten (rust) finish that is also garden sculpture. The organic 'rips' on the side of the corten steel send incredible shards of light across the grass, truly breathtaking. When lit softly, you have the feeling that something is alive inside, volcanic, about to burst open with light and life. Line your driveway with these and your guests will never forget their visit or place in your garden, to be appreciated in the evening as a piece of illuminated art.

Notice: The product is manufactured using corten steel plate. Corten steel is coated with a natural oxide layer that becomes ‘stable’ 16/24 months from installation. Before stabilisation, corten steel may release rust powder that may stain the surfaces where it is placed. Artemide recommends not to position it on sensitive surfaces such as light-coloured stone, marble, etc. Appearance The colour of corten steel may change in time depending on weather conditions and exposure to sunlight. The colour becomes stable after 16/24 and takes on a ‘tobacco’ hue. Care The product received a treatment that reduces, but does not eliminate, release of rust powder. If necessary, this treatment should be repeated by the customer until oxide stabilisation. Apply wood- care bee’s wax using a soft cloth.

Worth Noting

  • Requires a cement base - recessed or surface mounted
  • Ensure that there is channelling for the cable through the concrete
  • Corten steel needs time to stabilise and releases rust powder which may stain the surrounding area (see notice above, read carefully)
  • Finish requires treatment/maintenance 
  • Uses an unusual bulb - G12 Metal Halide - not included and probably not dimmable
  • Control: On/Off (tbd)


  • 300 mm S

    IP Rating

    • IP65


    • Bulb (Metal Halide)
    • G12
    • 35W


    • Corten Rust


        • On/Off (tbd)
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