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Freeline Ceiling Light, LED, Push 1-10v Dim, IP40

Freeline Ceiling Light, LED, Push 1-10v Dim, IP40

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What's so special about this light ...

Incredibly cool, extra-large, flexible, powerful linear ceiling light with a unique triangle shape thanks to overlapping linear bars. Even though it's 9 feet long, the visual impact is minimal thanks to the slender bodies and well-considered hardware. In addition to the thoughtful hardware, the fitting hangs just below the ceiling, allowing both uplighting and a feeling of lightness. Great light output as well. The lighting bars are adjustable so you can mount the light sources upwards or downwards for direct or indirect lighting. 

Anodised aluminium LED pendant in two finishes: bronze or black & available in 1 size. 

Also available as a single linear pendant (in 3 sizes).

    Worth Noting:

    • It's big! 9 feet wide
    • Adjust the light to shine light upwards or downwards on individual bars
    • The end of the bars displays the manufacturer's logo/name
    • The smaller hanging components are chrome/steel
    • The bronze finish has black details
    • Complex dimming (push or 1-10v dim - requires extra cables)
    • LED lamping
    • 2700K or 3000K
    • Powerful light source
    • Large-ish power supply [32.5 cm L x 4.5 H]
    • Off-centre power supply - take into consideration when wiring


    • 278.4 cm L x 117.2 W x 10 H + min 15 OAH
      • Power Supply: 32.5 cm L x 4.5 cm H


    • 4 kg


    • Integral LED
    • 2700K or 3000K
    • 48W
    • 220-230v


    • Anodised Black
    • Anodised Bronze
    • Chrome/Steel Hardware Support


      • Push Dim / 1-10v Dim (requires extra cable at 1st fix and special dimming modules)

      IP Rating:

      • IP40


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