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Discovery Pendant, Round Vertical, LED RGB, App Dim, IP20

Discovery Pendant, Round Vertical, LED RGB, App Dim, IP20

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What’s so special about this light …

Magical RGB colour changing round pendant hung vertically creating a visual impact like that of the moon, with colour and fun. The centre is clear, like a window, till lit and then you understand it's a light. All you see is the simple frame until you turn it on and it's filled with light from an invisible light source, and you realise you are in the presence of engineering genius. Beyond the clear versus lit magical effect, the LED technology is top notch. AND you can dim it with the Artemide app. Ticks all kinds of boxes - and originality is way up at the top of the list.
There are different sizes, which make it great for hanging in compositions.

From the Manufacturer:

Discovery is an unobtrusive, utterly absent and immaterial element. Its volume is only perceived when switched on, thanks to the light that outlines the central emitting surface. The result is a uniform light, ideal for working environments. The company’s great optoelectronic skills, combined with a thorough culture of design and with technological know-how, produces a perfectly all-purpose and surprising solution, which translates innovation into emotional perception.

Colour change via the Artemide App.

Worth Noting 

  • Cannot be hung snug to the ceiling (check individual sizes for min & max heights)
  • Canopies have different sizes/shapes depending on the type of light it gives
  • Has an off-set power supply, but the small size looks like it's in the centre
  • There is a connector visible on the support cable
  • There is a seam on the rim at the top
  • Take care with installation and read the instructions prior to installing
  • Made of technopolymer and aluminium
  • Aluminium frame available in three finishes (same price)
  • Frame Finishes: Satinised Aluminium, Bronze or Black
  • Three different sizes available
  • The centre is always clear unless lit
  • Includes screen cleaner and a cloth - follow cleaning instructions
  • LED lamping, integral
  • RGB colour changing LED
  • Dimmable via the Artemide app
  • DALI dimming upon request
  • There are not clear thumbnails of each size in each finish (unfortunately)


  • Small: 704 mm ø x 17 D x min 1100 / max 2100 OAH
  • Medium: 996 mm ø x 17 D x min 1400 / max 2400 OAH / 
  • Large: 1380 mm ø x 17 D x min 1800 / max 2800 OAH
  • CANOPY: 400 mm L x 110 W x 50 H


  • ??

    IP Rating

    • IP20


    • LED, Integral
    • RGB colour changing LED
    • Small: 42W, 2471 Lumens
    • Medium: 59W, 3308 Lumens
    • Large: 79W, 4123 Lumens


    • Clear Technopolymer Body
    • Black Frame
    • Bronze Frame
    • Satinised Aluminium Frame


        • Dimmable via the Artemide App (DALI dim upon request)
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