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Demetra 2 Arm Adjustable Reading Table Lamp, Black, LED, Touch Dimmer, IP20

Demetra 2 Arm Adjustable Reading Table Lamp, Black, LED, Touch Dimmer, IP20

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Motion Detector

What’s so special about this light …

Adjustable table light with long arms and a clever touch dimmer located on the top of the shade from the brilliant product designer, Naoto Fukasawa renowned for simplicity and efficiency. Provides a beautiful, wide wash of task light.

Great range of features - choose between standard brightness or extra brightness (price varies) and there's even a version with a 12 minute motion detector - that turns the light off if you leave for more than 12 minutes!  

Ultra simple modern design, a flat disc shade with minimal but effective details on an articulated arms. The shade adjusts both upwards and downwards as well as side to side. Great for desks and larger bedrooms.

Worth Noting

  • If moving it, lift it from the base, not the body
  • The extra bright version has a slight protrusion at the light source, it's not flush like the standard version
  • The extra bright version is nearly twice as bright (and dimmable)
  • The extra bright version is only available in 3000K
  • The motion detector is only available in 3000K
  • Both the standard and extra bright versions offer the motion detector option
  • The motion detector version shuts itself off after 12 minutes
  • Shade swivels 165º (up and down) and 325º, and 360º
  • The arm moves maximum 45º forwards
  • The cable is visible where the shade meets the body and base
  • The LED source is visible from the bottom
  • The shade bottom is glossy black
  • Integral LED
  • Touch dimmer on the top of the shade


  • Heights: min 570 mm / max 840
  • Lengths: min 630 mm / max 965
  • Base: 200 ø

IP Rating

  • IP20


  • LED
  • STANDARD BRIGHTNESS: 8W 2700K [360 lumens] / 3000K [385 lumens]
  • EXTRA BRIGHTNESS: 12W 3000K ONLY [960 lumens]
  • Wide Beam


  • Opaque Black


    • Touch Dimmer with optional motion detector off sensor (3000K only)
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