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Asteria Adjustable Spot Light, Steel, LED, Triac Dim

Asteria Adjustable Spot Light, Steel, LED, Triac Dim

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What’s so special about this light …

Very clever spot light that works equally well as a ceiling light or wall light. Perfect for awkward ceilings, like high or sloped. Provides a beautiful wide beam of light, glare-free and generous. Change the colour of the light beam by switching out the bottom filter - focused lighting or soft, diffused lighting - it's up to you. Choose to mount it surfaced or recessed (for a flush effect). Angles 90º and swivels 300º. Highly flexible, highly stylish.

Available in 2 finishes - brass or polished steel.

From The Manufacturer

At the heart of the Asteria Spot lies its ability to transform the atmos- phere. Asteria Spot comes with three different light filters, allowing you to adjust the temperature and mood of the light. This makes Asteria Spot a lamp that you can use in all rooms – from a hallway with warm, welcoming light to a kitchen where crisp, practical light is preferred. The shade of the lamp is flexible, allowing you to adjust the angle of the light and ensure illumination right where you want it. Asteria Spot can be installed recessed or mounted directly on the surface of a ceiling or a wall.

Worth Noting

  • Can be wall or ceiling mounted
  • Can be recessed (with spring clips) or surface mounted
  • If recessing, plaster board depths: min 10 mm - max 25 mm 
  • Comes with a choice of filters for concentrated or diffused light
  • The softer lens will lessen the brightness
  • Change the lens by unscrewing the face
  • Angles 90º and swivels 300º
  • Acrylic diffuser, not glass
  • 20 minutes to install
  • Wonderfully wide beam of light
  • The (black) cable is slightly visible at the joint


  • 12 cm ø 
  • SURFACE OAH: 14.1 cm H
  • RECESSED OAH: 12.5 cm H + 5.4 Recessed Depth
  • Cut Out: Pls see instructions


  • LED
  • 3000K
  • 6W
  • 500 Lumens


  • Polished Steel
  • Black Cable
  • White Acrylic Diffuser


  • 1.2 kg


  • Triac Dim

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