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Asteria Adjustable Reading Wall Light, Short Arm, White, LED, Touch Dim

Asteria Adjustable Reading Wall Light, Short Arm, White, LED, Touch Dim

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What’s so special about this light …

Touch dimming adjustable reading wall light that you can plug in or hardwire. Perfect for when you haven't got electrics where you want them or a wall switch. Provides a beautiful wide beam of light, glare-free and generous. The shade tilts forward and side to side. 

Available in multiple finishes - and a choice of short or long arm (the long arm moves side to side as well as the shade).

From The Manufacturer

Crafted with great attention to detail, Asteria wall offers the choice to tailor the lighting experience to each unique space. The Asteria wall is dimmable, controlled by a discreet button on the lamp's screen. These features allow for effortless adjustment of the lighting to suit any occasion, whether it's a serene moment of bedtime reading, illuminating a corner for a cosy reading nook, or creating a welcoming embrace in the hallway.

Worth Noting

  • Can be plugged in or hardwired
  • Shade swivels up and down as well as side to side
  • Convenient thumbswitch located on the bottom of the shade
  • The thumbswitch turns the light on and off as well as dims (3 step) the light
  • Acrylic diffuser, not glass
  • 10 minutes to install
  • Wonderfully wide beam of light


  • 15 cm ø x 9.6 H x 25 L
  • Base: 8 cm ø [inner] / 9 cm ø [outer] x 1.6 P
  • Cable: 2.2m 


  • LED
  • 2700K
  • 12W
  • 500 Lumens


  • Pearl White Shade
  • Brass Hardware
  • Black Cable
  • White Acrylic Diffuser


  • 753 grams


  • Thumbswitch/ Touch Dim - 3 step

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