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Aldecimo Adjustable Wall Light, LED, 3000K, Bilevel Dim

Aldecimo Adjustable Wall Light, LED, 3000K, Bilevel Dim

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What’s so special about this light …

Incredibly cool multi-award winning recessed wall light. Square shape providing 2 lighting effects. Open it for a semi-recessed effect (by pressing it active the clicking mechanism) to get a wash of good halo lighting.  Close the front to get a subtle LED outline effect (great for night time lighting and home cinemas). Especially love this wall light for staircases, bedrooms, lounges, home cinemas and dining rooms. 

Not only is this light beautiful and cool, it's also easy to install and uses simple wiring. No additional accessories or remoted power supply required! 

You can be daring and expressive with this light - see examples of people who made art out of the square and light. Also suitable for classic interiors. Incredibly versatile light, no wonder it's won so many awards.

Lighting fixture for wall built-in installation for interiors, with direct and indirect light emission. Total built-in structure in masonry or plasterboard, in pickled sheet metal in polyacrylic paint. Aluminium dissipation plate. Modelled polycarbonate diffuser with opaline finish. Pickled sheet metal closing plate in white polyacrylic paint. Opening and closing click mechanism. Pickled sheet metal brackets for plasterboard fixing.
Cut-out dimension: 295x295mm (11,6x11,6").

Worth Noting

  • Press the middle to open and close the wall light
  • When the light is 'closed' it provides a minimal LED outline
  • When the light is opened, it provides a good amount of halo light
  • Paint the front to blend in with the wall
  • Completely enclosed fitting - no accessories required
  • Shallow recessed depth, hurrah!
  • Wall installation only, not meant for the ceiling
  • Bilevel dimming - 220-240v cabling (3 cables, neutral, live and earth)


  • 29.4 cm Square x 7.7 Deep x 4 Projection [when opened]
    • Cut Out: 29.5 cm Square


  • 1,28 kg

IP Rating

  • IP20


  • LED
  • 3000K
  • 21W
  • 873 Lumens


  • White [paint or cover to match wall]


  • Bilevel Dimming
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