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Aaro Adjustable Ceiling, Black, LED, On/Off or Triac Dim, IP20

Aaro Adjustable Ceiling, Black, LED, On/Off or Triac Dim, IP20

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What’s so special about this light …

Built like a bow and arrow, this light always hits its target - and in the most elegant way imaginable. Quite, graceful and majestic. Large in scale, light on its feet. Besides being visually stunning, it's also incredibly flexible. You point the light where you want it. Soft LED lighting, provides a lovely pool of light. Perfect for tricky ceilings or when you want an alternative to standard pendants and ceiling lights. The arm is over a metre and half long. Bring on big scale beauty.

Great if you need to light multiple locations from a single light source.

LED lamping, 2700K, 350 Lumens, 4.5W, Hardwired, On/Off or Triac Dim upon Request. 

From the manufacturers:

The starting point of AARO was a gesture. A movement. He wanted to create an as fluid motion as possible, which immediately lead him to the sphere.
A sphere has so many fantastic attributes. With a sphere as a joint they are no limited directions, it has no left or right, no top or bottom. So with the sphere as the defining element of this piece, everything else “revolved“ around it. The geometry, the balance, the friction. It all comes down to the sphere, visually pointing at it. The end result is an object that seems to be moved by the wind. It revolves effortless around it’s center piece, like planets orbiting around each other.

Worth Noting

  • Adjustable - The stem rotates, the arm goes up and down and the shade twists
  • Make sure there's room for the arm to move around - at least 60 cm free space for rotation
  • LED lamping
  • 2700K
  • Soft lighting (350 lumens)
  • On/Off
  • Triac Dimming Upon Request
  • Hardwired


  • Shade 117 mm ø
  • Stem: 772 mm L
  • Arm: 1621 mm L
  • OAH: 1482 mm H
  • Base: 160 mm ø


  • 3,1 kg

IP Rating

  • IP20


  • LED
  • 2700K
  • 350 Lumens
  • 3W
  • 110/240v
  • 350mA
  • On/Off
  • Triac Dim upon Request


  • Black Steel and Aluminium
  • Aluminium Ball Joint


  • On/Off
  • Triac Dim upon Request
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