Kitchen Lighting - 6 Different Ways to Light Kitchen Islands

Kitchen Lighting - 6 Different Ways to Light Kitchen Islands

Kitchen islands and pendants go together like bread & butter for sure, but there are other lighting types you can choose - such as ceiling and spots light to name a few.

Check out this blog on different ways to light kitchen islands for inspiration and ideas. 

And remember, you can always call on me to help you figure out your lighting (my consulting rates are very reasonable). 20 + years lighting lovely homes with lovely lighting. Autumn Morrison - residential lighting consultant and lighting sales: +44 0794346 9433 or send me a contact form and I'll get back to you right away - I love help people with lighting.

1. PENDANTS (Linear)

Highline Linear Pendant in Satin Brass with Walnut over Kitchen Island and Breakfast Table

  • Linear pendants are a design classic when it comes to lighting kitchen islands. They are minimal, effective and stylish. Perfect for when you don't want to obstruct views. There are so many different types and considerations that I will do another blog dedicated to linear pendants but for now suffice to say that you will be able to find one to match your style, architecture, and possibly budget - they are not the cheapest of solutions. That being said, when you add up the cost of multiple pendants across a kitchen island, they can be competitive price-wise. This Highline Linear Pendant is a global superstar, featured in gorgeous homes around the world. Comes with many choices, such as walnut detail, cable finish, recessed or surface mounted canopy to mention a few.


Cavity Black Spot Light In Situ Over Marble Kitchen Island

  •  There are many advantages to using spot lights instead of a pendant. Lower costs (usually), installation ease, easy to maintain, great lighting, unobstructed views. There are spot lights that are fixed and adjustable (a blog to follow on spot lights, they are the unsung hero's for many lighting requirements). This one, Cavity, is simply stunning. Available in 2 sizes, 4 finishes, 2 beam styles, 2 kelvins not to mention different dimming options (standard dimming as well - hurrah for homes!). This spot light is a lighting designer's dream. Call me (Autumn Morrison: 07943469433) to learn more about this (award) winner.


 Reflex Ceiling 300 x 450 in White Finish over Kitchen Island in Open Plan Kitchen Dining

  • Ceiling lights are a great compromise when you want lighting generous, ambient lighting over your island without a pendant hanging down, especially if you haven't got the height for a pendant in the first place. There are a number of ceiling lights with varying heights and styles. Minimal, modern, traditional, chic ... Ceiling lights over kitchen islands are also great at providing general lighting for the whole kitchen. 


  •  Occasionally, there are times when minimal lighting in the form of recessed downlights is best. This happens when you want lighting without seeing the light itself. Mind you, downlights can still clutter the ceiling visually, even through they are small, if they are not thought out in terms of position, size, glare, finish and quantity. If you didn't want to channel out a trough like in the image above, I recommend a plastered in downlight in a rectangle shape spaced out across the span of the kitchen island / diner. Click the image to view the product suggestion. And call me if you want help deciding which ones might be best, and where to fit them for optimal lighting results. (Autumn Morrison, Residential Lighting Consultant: 079434469433) 

5. WALL LIGHTS (you'd be surprised)

Tolomeo Reading Wall Light Aluminium over Small Kitchen Island

  • Wall lights that have an articulated arm (an arm that bends) that you mount to one side of the island and swing the light around as you need it is very handy for multiple-use kitchen islands and breakfast bars. Many of these types of wall lights come with thumbswitches, which means you can turn the light on and off at the source without faffing with a switch. Pretty clever, and pretty cool.  And you can use this as a lighting solution if you haven't got cable in the wall because many of these wall lights come with a plug.



  • I know this is a long shot but it's actually quite effective, especially when there is no other way to light the island from the top or the sides. If you plan a plug socket somewhere near by, you can plug in a stylish table lamp for lighting your island - and it's a very warm, welcoming type light if you also use your kitchen island as a place to gather. If you don't have a plug socket you can use a number of wireless table lamps. Many of these are rated for wet use, so if there's a sink near by, no probs. 

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