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Tolomeo Reading Wall Light with Black Fabric Shade, Large Body, IP20

Tolomeo Reading Wall Light with Black Fabric Shade, Large Body, IP20

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Shade Size

What’s so special about this light …

Iconic adjustable plug-in (or hardwire) wall lamp in an extra large size with 2 articulated arms for arching the light where you need it. Comes with a black fabric shade that gives glare free smooth light. Great for when places where you might want to hang a pendant but haven't got the cable in place or you want a floor lamp but haven't got the floor space. Looks beautiful lighting up living rooms, dining tables, bedrooms and studies. Composed of 2 arms, a wall bracket and a parchment shade (available in 3 sizes). Choose between an On/Off or Dimmer thumbswitch on the shade holder (handy!). You can swing the light side to side as well as forwards and up and down. 

Worth Noting

  • You can choose to use the plug it comes with or hardwire it to the wall
  • Shade available in 3 sizes
  • Different shade sizes recommend different bulb sizes
  • No confirmed thumbprints of each different shade size, unfortunately - pls measure on-site to be sure
  • Choose between On/Off or Dimmable Thumbswitch
  • Swings from side to side and moves up and down as well as forwards
  • When moving the shade, use the handle above the shade, don't grab the shade, you may crinkle it
  • The shade is open on the top and bottom
  • The shade has a visible seam, especially when lit
  • Some images may be of a different finish to the named one
  • Replacement shades can be ordered upon request
  • KNOWN AS 'MEGA' - comes with a choice of 3 shade sizes, (shades available in 3 finishes and the body in either aluminium or black), 2 control options and sold as components


  • 1100 mm H x [extension with shade] 970 P / 1000 P / 1020 P
  • Base: 98 mm ø
  • Shades: [small: 32 cm ø], [medium: 36 cm ø], [large: 42 cm ø]

IP Rating

  • IP20


  • Bulb
  • E27
  • 21W Max 
  • Size of Lamp Depends on Shade Size / max weight: 70g
  • Tubular for the small shade, A60 for the medium shade & Globe for the large
  • Not Included


  • Aluminium Body
  • Black Fabric Shade
  • Black Cable
  • Aluminium Wall Bracket


    • Choose between On/Off or Dimmable Thumbswitch
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