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Tolomeo Floor Lamp with Black Shade, Large Body, IP20

Tolomeo Floor Lamp with Black Shade, Large Body, IP20

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Shade Size

What’s so special about this light …

Iconic adjustable floor lamp in an extra large size with 2 articulated arms for arching the light where you need it. This version comes with a black fabric shade that gives great glare-free directional light. Great for when places where you might want to hang a pendant but haven't got the cable in place. Looks beautiful lighting up living rooms, dining tables and large bedrooms. Composed of 3 body parts and a parchment shade (available in 3 sizes). Choose between On/Off or Dimmable. Thumbswitch located on the shade holder (handy!) as well as the cord. You can swing the light side to side as well as forwards and up and down.

Worth Noting

  • Shade available in 3 sizes
  • Different shade sizes recommend different bulb sizes
  • No confirmed thumbprints of each different shade size, unfortunately - pls measure on-site to be sure
  • Choose between On/Off or with a dimmer on the shade holder and the cord
  • Swings from side to side and moves up and down as well as forwards
  • The cable clips to the lower stem (the cable is on the outside of the stem)
  • When moving the shade, use the handle above the shade, don't grab the shade, you may crinkle it
  • The shade is open on the top and bottom
  • The shade has a visible seam, especially when lit
  • Replacement shades can be ordered upon request
  • If moving it to a different location, lift it from the base, not the body
  • Large, heavy base
  • Base may leave an imprint on carpets
  • KNOWN AS 'MEGA' - comes with a choice of 3 shade sizes, (shades available in 3 finishes and the body in either aluminium or black), 2 control options and sold as components
  • (MEGA is the only version with a shade available in black)
  • Available with an aluminium body upon request


  • OAH: 327 cm [small shade] / 330 [medium shade] / 334 [large shade]
  • Upright 90º Angle: 238 cm Height x Projection: 103 [small shade] / 107 [medium shade] / 113 [large shade]
  • Extended 90º Angle: 148 cm Height x Projection: 186 [small shade] / 190 [medium shade] / 196 [large shade]
  • Base: 33 cm ø

IP Rating

  • IP20


  • Bulb
  • E27
  • 21W Max 
  • Size of Lamp Depends on Shade Size / max weight: 70g
  • Tubular for the small shade, A60 for the medium shade & Globe for the large
  • Not Included


  • Black Body
  • Black Fabric Shade
  • Black Cable
  • Aluminium Details


    • Choice of On/Off or Dimmer by the Shade as well as a dimmer on the cord
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