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Pivot Wall Light, Adjustable, LED, Phase Cut Dim, IP40

Pivot Wall Light, Adjustable, LED, Phase Cut Dim, IP40

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What's so special about this light ...

The wall and ceiling light is composed of an aluminium bar available in four finishes: white, light grey, bronze and anthracite. The special feature of this light is the possibility of adjusting the light upwards or downwards, thanks to the rotating structure. Moreover, it is possible to mount the bar with the light source directed towards the wall or directly towards the room. Very essential and minimal in its design, it is a lamp that is suitable for the lighting of various spaces. Thanks to the different sizes available, it can light up a painting, or a whole room.

    Worth Noting:

    • Adjust the light to shine light downwards, forwards or as a halo
    • Mount on the wall or ceiling
    • Easy dimming (phase dim)
    • Dimming only dims down to 30% then turn it off
    • LED lamping
    • 2700K or 3000K
    • Powerful light source
    • Signature red dots on body
    • Off-centre power supply - take into consideration when wiring


    • Small: 57.2 cm L x 5 cm H x 4 cm P
    • Medium: 108 cm L x 5 cm x 4 cm P
    • Large: 158.7 cm L x 5 cm H x 4 cm P


    • Integral LED
    • 2700K or 3000K
    • 8.7W
    • 220v - 240v
      • Small [57.2 cm L]: 18W; 1357 lumens
      • Medium [108 cm L]: 35W; 2714 lumens
      • Large [158.7 cm L]: 52W; 4071 lumens


    • White
    • Light Grey
    • Bronze
    • Anthracite


    • Small: 0.45 kg
    • Medium: 1.59 kg
    • Large: 1.86 kg


    • Phase Dimmable 30% - 100%

    IP Rating:

    • IP40


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